The only change made from the previous batch was replacing the utility button with one that offers better tactile feedback.

Other than that, the boards are exactly the same. If you are a HAM radio operator in the Santa Barbara area, you are welcome to beta test the new hardware and software. You can stop by to pick up a board. I have around 12 units available at no cost if you’re interested.

Technical Improvements

The updated utility button now provides:

  • Enhanced Tactile Feedback: Improved responsiveness and a more satisfying click, ensuring better user interaction and reducing the chances of missed presses.

Get Involved with WSPR-zero

  • Location: Santa Barbara area.
  • Eligibility: Local HAM radio operators who are keen on testing new equipment and helping bring this open source project to others.
  • Availability: 15 units, offered for free.
  • Purpose: To gather feedback on the new hardware and software before wider release.
  • Provide your insights and suggestions to improve the product.

    If you’re interested, please reach out to me.

    Greg Lawler – K6FTP