About the WSPR-zero Project & K6FTP

This project is my attempt at making available to the community the lowest barrier-to-entry WSPR transmit and receive beacon, both in regards to cost and ease of use.

Currently the WSPR-zero boards are available for free to beta testers.
The WSPR-zero OS image and software work perfectly with the TAPR.org boards too if you already have one.

The WSPR-zero project and community are looking for a partner interested in furthering WSPR and amateaur radio in general.
Ideally we can partner with a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit amateur radio club who can sell the WSPR-zero Raspberry Pi hats. WSPR-zero project will donate and/or suppliment manufacturing costs to benefit the club and wider QRP community.

You can reach out to me via the WSPR-zero Github Repo.


— Greg Lawler aka K6FTP

Greg Lawler K6FTP